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The HC900 controller provides a cost-effective platform for combining loop and logic control. The HC900 is ideal for unit process applications that require a combination of analog process control functions and discrete control actions. When networked with the Experion system for supervisory control, the HC900 controller provides an ideal unit controller for standalone processes, skid-mounted systems and other periphery operations in a process facility.

The HC900 controller offers a blend of analog process, logic and sequencing control algorithms. There are no preset limits on the number of times a function block type may be instantiated in a controller (limit based on memory availability and required scan rate). Features include:

  • 1,920 I/O points
  • Compact 4, 8 or 12 I/O slot rack sizes
  • Open Ethernet network connectivity
  • Peer-to-peer data exchange
  • Automated loop tuning
  • Setpoint programmers
  • Setpoint schedulers with multiple ramp/soak outputs andultiple 64-step sequencers

         This powerful platform, combined with a tightly integrated touch screen operator interface (900 Control Station) that supports a variety of preformatted displays with trending and data storage, is easily applied across many industries. The HC900 is configured using PC-based Windows configuration software (Hybrid Control Designer), which utilizes graphical function block configuration techniques and supports run-mode edit capability to help minimize process interruptions and provides advanced monitoring features



Experion LS

     Experion LS offers the power and reliability of a distributed control system (DCS) in a small and flexible solution, ideal for batch and sequence-oriented manufacturers. 

     Based upon the award-winning Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), Experion LS brings the value and reliability enjoyed by global Honeywell customers to a smaller operation.   

Experion LS offers the power and reliability of a distributed control system (DCS) in a small and flexible solution. Because it requires less engineering effort to configure and is easier to maintain than a PLC or large DCS, the system can help plants save up to $20,000 per year in support per system.  With out-of-the-box functionality and flexibility, it requires less implementation cost and less ongoing maintenance than either systems are optimized for very large operations or the smaller typical PLC-based system.

Experion LS is the perfect flexible platform for small sites.  Any size installation has access to a robust historian, controller-based batch sequencing, advanced control, change control for validated sites, and reporting capabilities.

The solution can scale from one PC and one controller to include multiple operator stations, redundancy, and batch management.  In addition, the system provides reliable peer-to-peer communication with third party devices and drives, such as PLCs, weigh scales and motor drives, integration of SCADA data, and multiple I/O bus options.

Experion LS offers a single automation solution that covers both your continuous processing needs as well as batch control.   With simple, yet powerful control algorithms neatly packaged into configurable function blocks and pre-built operator displays, monitoring and troubleshooting your process becomes easy for operators and maintenance personnel. 

These features contribute to faster engineering, increased uptime and lower life cycle costs, while fully empowering your plant staff.  Experion LS gets you to production faster and keeps you there.


Experion HS

  Experion HS is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for Human Machine Interface applications (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Built upon the proven technologies of the Experion platform, Experion HS is an integrated and affordable solution for smaller unit operations.

Experion HS extends Experion's proven technology to meet the demands of specific industry segments. Experion HS efficiently fulfills the requirements of small to medium size applications. It is an easy and intuitive solution that can be used by plant managers, plant maintenance engineers, process engineers and operators in many industries including oil & gas, mining, metals & minerals, chemicals, life sciences, power, cement & glass and food & beverages.


Features and Benefits

The infrastructure improves operator efficiency and productivity:

  • Pre-built standard displays (including process group, point detail, trend, alarm and set point programmer displays) reduce configuration time.
  • Intuitive and flexible HMI meet even the most demanding needs for process graphics, display navigation and alarm presentation.
  • User-configurable pull-down menus and toolbars promote easier, intuitive navigation to process data.
  • Enhanced trending for up to 32 pens simultaneously and event markers provide operators with a comprehensive view of the plant.
  • On-board historian collects history and events, enabling instant access to reliable and accurate process data.
  • Open architecture based on commonly used industry standards and the Microsoft Excel add-in provide greater choice in generating reports from process data.
  • Integrated configuration environment enabling offline and online configuration changes minimize process disruption.


MasterLogic PLC

     MasterLogic PLCs are modular, scalable and rack-based. The PLC can be either stand-alone or distributed with peer-to-peer connections. The CPUs, power supplies and rack sizes are available in various models to best fit to a particular application.

Key Features

       Powerful and versatile processors - high speed i.e.42 nanosec/step, 10MB program memory, 4MB system memory, 2MB data memory, 16MB built-in flash memory for program & data backup

       Full redundancy (CPU, power and network) - same CPU can operate in both redundant & non-redundant mode.

       Compact pocket size modules – rack room and cabinet space saver

       IEC61131-3 standard programming – LD/ SFC/ ST/ IL language option

       A vast library of standard function blocks and support for creating new or user-defined function blocks

       Over 50 types of I/O modules – digital/ analog (isolated), HSC, RTD, TC, position/ motion control

       Open network protocols with field devices – Profibus™ DP, DeviceNet™, MODBUS (Ethernet & Serial)

       Open communication with external systems – Ethernet, fiber-optic (100MBPS), serial RS232/RS422

       Peer-to-peer communications between PLCs – Dedicated Ethernet 100 MBPS or Fiber-optic option

       Smart I/O modules (DIN rail) on open protocols – Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS expanding I/O capacity, remote I/O applications or as RTUs for other manufacturers’ PLC

       Hot swapping, Interrupt programs, user-defined Events (for SOE data in millisec)

       Integration with Experion PKS, Experion HS, Experion LS architecture (including system diagnostics and clock synchronization) and SCADA systems

       Self-diagnostics – network diagnostics, system logs, Auto scan, monitoring system

       Engineer friendly software – ease of configuration and trouble-shooting

       Program simulator to test programs offline without PLC/CPU


     PlantScape is Honeywell’s hybrid control system offering scalable solutions for discrete and continuous processes. While there are no new PlantScape releases, the system is still supported with a migration path to Experion™.

Release 500 Manuals

     You must be registered and logged into the site to validate your access rights to PlantScape Release 500 Manuals.

PlantScape Parts
     Click on the link immediately above to peruse those Plantscape parts that can be ordered online.

 RC500 Remote Terminal Unit

     Honeywell’s RC500 RTU is a modular and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications.  The RC500, combined with Honeywell’s powerful and feature-rich SCADA products, provides an integrated solution solving complex remote automation requirements

Features and Benefits

Multiple RTU Models to Suit Specific Application Needs

  - RTU variants are based upon:

  • the number of communication ports needed
  • memory requirements
  • system topology needs
  • protocol needs
  • type of input/output modules needed

   - Provides the power of an embedded Linux platform

Endures Tough Environments and Low Power Situations

   - Designed to withstand the toughest environments such as in oil and gas applications

   - Can operate on very low power suitable for solar power in remote applications

Flexible Communication Ports and Protocol Options

   - Variety of communications ports available

   - Multiple Ethernet ports enable easy I/O expansion

   - Supports industry standard protocols Modbus and DNP3

Simple I/O Transfers Enable Easy Information Exchanges

   - Simple and fast configuration of I/O transfers to peer RTUs or within the local RTU itself

   - Easy transfer and sharing of information between devices in a large network

Robust Datalogging Ensures Data Availability

   - Ensures important field data is never missed and is available for analysis

   - Data files can be retrieved and then displayed or imported by many Windows applications

   - Datalogging can be continuous or can be triggered by an event

Scalable Architecture and Flexible I/O Expansion Options

   - Provides Ethernet I/O options, and a full range of different I/O types

   - Full range of digital and analog  I/O and high speed counters

   - Redundant power survivability

   - Self-resetting fuses

   - Independent watchdog for health monitoring

   - Easy to view LEDs provide complete status information

RC500 I/O Toolkit Simplifies RTU and I/O Configuration

   - Easy-to-use software package for designing, configuring and maintaining RC500 RTUs and I/O

   - Optional feature sets add exporting, data logging, and other rich functionalities

ISAGRAF Enables Effective and Fast RTU Programming

   - Provides all IEC 61131 standard programming languages

   - Graphical programming combines ladder logic with powerful function blocks to give you the simplicity of a PLC, with the performance of a high-end process controller

   - Text programming uses simple text that is easy to learn and maintain

   - Multi-tasking organization allows Sequential Function Charts to organize your programs into tasks or sequential steps

   - Online program changes let you make changes without waiting for shutdowns

   - Program simulation shows how your program works before the actual startup, so you can develop and debug your programs quickly and easily

   - Direct RC500 tag references appear and flow automatically to your program logic, saving significant programming time