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AC500 PLCs




     A maximum of options for all-round benefits

     Optimized processes, minimized costs, higher profitability – the AC500 offers you a maximum of options for ensuring that crucial bit of extra added value. The wide choice of communication couplers enables you to customize the automation system to suit your own individual requirements. Thanks to the AC500’s scalability and its modularized platform concept, you can configure precisely the automation system you need. It’s these unique advantages that render the AC500 so enormously cost-efficient, safe and user-friendly.

The AC500 – persuasive advantages

  • Scalable control
  • Wide choice of communication and field bus couplers
  • User-selectable coupler types for simultaneous operation
  • Fast replacement thanks to plug-in modules
  • A single software package for the entire range
  • Seamless integration of control system and field devices
  • Attractive price-performance ratio

     Profit from maximized solutional multiplicity


The AC500  completely redefines the term “flexibility”. By virtue of its up-to-the-future field bus plug technology, the field-bus-neutral system can be easily connected up to almost any desired field bus. Its scalability offers a maximized multiplicity of solutions for accurate handling of every automation job – all that’s needed is a quick replacement of the CPU or simply 5 expansion using I/O modules. ABB has thus met its customers’ forceful requests for individually tailored automation systems, with concomitant enhancement of market opportunities and growth potentials.

     The small number of modules means fewer spare parts and correspondingly low storage costs. Since only one standardized software package and consistently harmonized hardware are used for the entire AC500 range, the outlay for software, training and support is reduced to a minimum – intelligence that pays off for you!


Compact Products 800


                                        Compact Products 800 is a range of products that can be used individually or combined to create cost effective control solutions to fulfill a wide range of customer needs.

Compact Products 800 are built with openness in mind
and based on standards to make sure that they can be combined with other products on the automation market. Compact HMI 800, AC 800M controllers with Compact Control Builder, Panel 800, S800L I/O and S800 I/O can all play key roles in your customized control solutions.



The AC 800M controller can be configured with both Compact Control Builder and 800xA control builder.



Our I/O systems are comprehensive, distributed and modular. The I/O systems communicates with parent controllers over industry-standard field busses.



Engineering Tools
The Compact Control Builder, is a powerful tool for creating control solutions and reusable control libraries for the AC 800M controller.



Our products for production operation includes both PC based HMI and panel based HMIs.



Freelance 800F



ABB's Freelance 800F control system combines easy engineering with an open, modern system architecture. Freelance 800F is proven in more than 14,000 applications - in all industries.

     The compact control system allows the integration of all common fieldbuses, leaving the user to select any they wish - whether FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, or HART. The integration of existing automation systems is facilitated through usage of international standards - from field sensors up to the management level.

     The system was and will be continuously improved and enhanced to meet our user's needs. Customers choosing Freelance 800F can rest assured that ABB will support them in the long term.


     The Automation Sentinel Program assists system owners in actively managing their lifecycle costs in ABB control system software. With this program, they can easily keep control software up-to-date and maintain a flexible path forward to new releases of their system software technology. Automation Sentinel helps manage automation software assets with timely delivery of the latest system software releases, thus providing subscribers:

·  Better productivity through enhanced software functionality

·  Lower support cost and simpler software management through known annual subscription fee

·  A way to stay current with the latest Industry and IT standards

·  Access to the most current system documentation

·  Evolution to higher level of human system interface, control, information management, and connectivity

·  Evolution from traditional control systems to Freelance 800F to benefit from the ease-of-use and lower maintenance cost