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Yecheon County Council "Exclude Vice President of Assault on Guard"

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Yecheon County Council in Yecheon-eup, Yecheon-gun, North Gyeongsang Province. The banner caught at the entrance stood out. The banner issued by the Yecheon Manpower Administration Committee said, "All members of the Army should resign." A resident in a black car was honking his horn towards the building as he entered the parking lot in front of the county council. All this means a protest against the "extraction" of soldiers in Yecheon during their overseas training in the U.S. and Canada last month. 

Criticism is mounting over the Yecheon MPs who allegedly assaulted guidebooks and asked for female hospitality during their overseas trips in the U.S. and Canada last month. In particular, residents are becoming angrier as the CCTV footage of Park Jong-chul, vice president of the military`s parliamentary committee, was released yesterday. 

As the public criticism did not abate,배팅사이트 Chairman Lee Hyung-sik said on Tuesday that he would seek to expel Vice Speaker Park. According to the county council, we will hold a special ethics committee to take strong measures, including the expulsion of Vice Speaker Park. The 8th Yecheon County Council will not conduct overseas training. After finishing the case, I will resign as chairman. 

Vice-president Park has practically cut off all communication and is in a seclusion. Members except Lee did not appear in the National Assembly on Wednesday, so it was quiet. We`re not in session right now, so there are very few lawmakers in the parliament. Park did not appear after the press conference on the 4th. "I don't even hear from him." Park's house in Yuchon-myeon was not very popular either. I called several times, but I couldn't reach him. 
"I didn't hit you when I was wondering if you were right or not, but I think I scratched you with my fingernails," said Vice President Park shortly after the controversy erupted. However, the CCTV footage showed Park hitting the guide's face with his fist several times. 

"I can't say my hometown is Yecheon," said a 42-year-old man. "I was confident that Yecheon was a major failure, but the crack went down a lot," he said. 

Criticism from all walks of life is brewing. The Minjoo Party's Yeongju, Mungyeong and Yecheon regional committee claimed that the committee or the plenary session should be held in accordance with the law and regulations to decide whether to expel the people involved or to lose their qualifications. The Daegu-Kyungbuk Women's Association said, "We demand strict measures and countermeasures against the military personnel who committed crimes against women's human rights." 

‘예천군의원 전원 사퇴 추진위원회’는 11일 예천읍 예천중앙시장 인근에서 군의원들의 사퇴를 요구하는 집회를 연다. 청와대 국민청원 게시판에도 군의원들의 처벌과 해외연수 제도 폐지를 요구하는 청원이 80여 건 올라왔다. 

Police investigation into Park has also begun. A conservative group received a complaint from the police asking for an investigation into Park. We are considering applying the crime. We will summon Park after completing a written investigation of the victims. Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Park is confirmed to have submitted a withdrawal system to the Liberty Korea Party on April 4. I will follow the ruling party`s action, Rep. Park said on the day.

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